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Voice training for actors and performers

By James Walker / October 3, 2017

The essential task of every actor or art performer is to express deep thoughts, emotions and created atmosphere using vocal skills, body movement and language and spoken narrative. Body and voice have to coordinate perfectly, but the voice has to picture the story of a given text or scenario. Thus, the powerful influence of vocal […]


Past concerts and performances

By James Walker / October 3, 2017

Our first concert, in November 2005, paired masses by Josquin and Isaac based on the chanson Une mousse de Biscaye. In April 2006 we performed Lamentations by Lassus; the St. John Passion by his best student, Leonhard Lechner; Holy Week motets by Victoria; and Lotti’s 8-voice Crucifixus.  In October 2006 we presented some of Heinrich […]