Three ‘must see’ performances in NYC theatre

By James Walker / October 3, 2017

One of the Broadway classics and probably the longest-running show in this theatre history is multiple times awarded musical “The Phantom of the Opera.” This masterpiece performed by exquisite talents, combined with captivating costumes and stage design will impress you on so many levels. The mere story based on the gothic novel written by Gaston Leroux is quite of an experience itself, but when performed with intensive emotional expression and visual effects the way this theatre performs it, it is a truly unique experience. Beautifully sang love story of Phantom in Paris had impressed millions worldwide so far, and it remains one of the classic pieces you must see when visiting NYC theatre.



“The Lion King” is another ‘must see’ if you wish to enjoy impressive visual experience accompanied with a heartwarming story and award-winning performance. Although “The Lion King” is essentially Disney classic, children and adults equally enjoy this stage adaptation with impressive costumes and memorable songs. Minskoff theater in NYC has its standard team performing this show, and the ticket is usually sold long before the performance. The inspiring, emotional story of friendship and true values in life is alive and reflected by the group of great and truly talented actors and performers at the captivating stage design.

Provoking, amusing, charming and inspiring musical “Chicago” is the experience you have to afford to yourself when in NYC on Broadway. Bob Fosse and his spiced with exotic choreographies, combined with powerful performances and vocals of leading actors of NYC theatre guarantee a memorable experience and a great evening time. The unique performance of famous “All that jazz” is a true manifestation of vocal superiority and superb acting, and the mere story is intriguing as well. Modern art music has got its exquisite form in this show proving that directors can play at the edge of burlesque and still keep it classy and stylish.

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James Walker

My name is James Walker, and I consider myself to be a true and profound music lover. I was one of the best students at Music Academy where I graduated and was one of the youngest to earn Ph.D. in music history. I have quite rich experience in music theory, piano playing, and singing, but at some moment in the past, I’ve focused all my interest onto vocal powers and choral singing. I am a co-founder and a co-director of several choirs, as well as tenor and countertenor in many performances. Several years ago, I decided to establish this vocal studio, work as a vocal trainer and help singers and other artists master their voice capabilities and talents. My studio cooperates with many theatres, including NYC theatre where I work as the vocal trainer of actors and performers.