Past concerts and performances

By James Walker / October 3, 2017

Our first concert, in November 2005, paired masses by Josquin and Isaac based on the chanson Une mousse de Biscaye. In April 2006 we performed Lamentations by Lassus; the St. John Passion by his best student, Leonhard Lechner; Holy Week motets by Victoria; and Lotti’s 8-voice Crucifixus.  In October 2006 we presented some of Heinrich Isaac’s greatest work, including motets for his two most important patrons, Lorenzo de Medici and Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. In December, we performed two concerts of Christmas music centered around Josquin’s motet Praeter rerum seriem, and works inspired by it: Rore’s 7-voice mass, and a Magnificat by Lassus.

We presented “War and Peace,” in May 2007 in NYC, then at the Boston Early Music Festival in June. It featured works by Josquin, La Rue, and Ramsey based on the biblical quote “How the mighty are fallen”; Janequin’s La Guerre and a chanson celebrating peace; several versions of Da Pacem; settings by Isaac and Palestrina of the liturgy for the Votive Mass for Peace, and J.S. Bach’s ‘motet’ “Es war ein Wunderlich Krieg” from the middle of his Cantata #4.

In March 2008, we presented Renaissance settings of Salve Regina by OBRECHT, MARTINI, MORALES, & VICTORIA–interspersed with other Marian motets by OCKEGHEM.

nyc theaterSince the beginning of 2011, our vocal studio has expanded the field of interest and work and has begun close interaction with NYC music theatre. At the same time, we started to work as co-directors and group vocal trainers for NYC theatre performers and actors and kept performing on our own. Intensive performance training resulted in altogether directed and performed Broadway performance, where major roles were given to NYC standards actors and performers, but a master group of singers training in our studio took part as well. “Madam Butterfly” was a mutual project that was slight jumping out of our standards performances, but it fit perfectly into NYC theatre schedule at that moment. Combined mutual talents, techniques, and styles resulted in hugely praised performance that inspired our team to try even more modern art music pieces and performances. Another significant turn we’ve taken towards more modern art music pieces was the recent performance of “Hair” our singers created together with a group of young students of art music and theatre performance in NY Academy. Choral music and performing of classic pieces remain our dominant field of interest, but the vocal studio is expanding activities towards modern experiments and more alternative forms of art music.

About the author

James Walker

My name is James Walker, and I consider myself to be a true and profound music lover. I was one of the best students at Music Academy where I graduated and was one of the youngest to earn Ph.D. in music history. I have quite rich experience in music theory, piano playing, and singing, but at some moment in the past, I’ve focused all my interest onto vocal powers and choral singing. I am a co-founder and a co-director of several choirs, as well as tenor and countertenor in many performances. Several years ago, I decided to establish this vocal studio, work as a vocal trainer and help singers and other artists master their voice capabilities and talents. My studio cooperates with many theatres, including NYC theatre where I work as the vocal trainer of actors and performers.