New York- The City That Never Sleeps

The lines “I wanna wake up in the city that never sleeps”- from the song “New York, New York” gave New York its Oh-so-famous nickname. But as it turns out New York is actually the city that never sleeps for more than one reasons. Looking back in 1980’s New York was popularly known as the “nightlife capital of the world.” Though at present many other cities around the world like Vegas, Miami, Sydney, and London etc. have equally rocking nightlife but there is nothing compared to New York. As Simone De Beauvoir says, “There is something in the New York air that makes sleep useless.” From the famous places featuring in movie scenes to the noisy streets, Brooklyn Bridge to the view of Manhattan Island at night, everything is so arresting. This melting pot of the world has had generations of immigrants from all over the world to eventually make this city their home which makes it the most diverse city in the world.

Brooklyn bridge

The city literally never shuts down. It goes by an open 24*7*365 rule. You will always find something or the other to keep you entertained even after midnight. It’s almost as if no one ever goes to sleep. New York is one of the few cities with subway systems that operate 24 hours a day so that you could return home safely even at 4 in the morning. Not only this many diners, cafes, drug stores, restaurants run all night. The city is always awake.


By day New York’s is splendid but you haven’t seen New York at all until you’ve seen it after the sun dips in the sky. Times Square is much more vibrant at night than most of the cities around the world are at noon. The capturing view of the Statue of Liberty standing tall against the night sky, the ever present view of sparkling night skyline along the Hudson River or the famous Brooklyn Bridge under the starry sky is just breath taking. The city is full of action-packed entertainment options like the Madison Square Garden, Central Park and Radio City Music Hall constantly hosting concerts and live shows. New York also happens to feature Broadway Theater for live theater enthusiasts. The city is exciting and so full of life at any time of the day.

Time square

Parties, clubs, DJs and lounges are abound in New York City without which its nightlife scene seems to be incomplete. As the sun sets, the skyline alights in a rainbow glow and the dance music starts pounding. Virtually every band that tours in United States is bound to play some dates in NYC. One could easily skip the daytime completely and still have the best food, drinks and hobnob with celebrities without missing a show. Also there is Roosevelt Midnight Street Food Crawl serving the night owls spilling out of the bars and clubs. As it turns out NYC is really big on sports, dreams and entertainment from sunrise to sunset making this city so very special.

Things not to miss in New York

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the North America. The falls is located on the Niagara river. The visit to the city incomplete without this beautiful waterfall. It constitutes of three waterfalls, from largest to smaller the Horseshoe waterfall, the American Waterfall and the Bridal Veil Waterfall. The Horseshoe Waterfall is located on Canadian side and the American Waterfall on American side separated by the goat island while the Bridal Veil Waterfall is separated from American Waterfall from the Lun Island and lies on the American side.The falls offer a mesmerizing view of both the Canada and United States side. Adding to this these falls are a major source of power.

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, the copper statue is a colossal neoclassical sculpture located on the Liberty Island of New York Harbour of the New York City. The statue is a gift to America from the people of France. It is a sculpture of a robbed female, the Roman Goddess bearing a torch and tabula ansata on which date of declaration of American Independence is inscribed. It has broken chains at her feet. The statue is a symbol of United States freedom, liberty and democracy. Although there are beautiful views of the statue from the Battery Park but they are best enjoyed by having a ferry ride to the Liberty Islands. It was designated as UNESCO’s world heritage in 1984 and was marked as a masterpiece of human spirit.

Finger Lakes

It is a group of eleven narrow lakes roughly located in the region called as Finger lake region in New York.

10 reasons why you should live in New York

One can possibly come up with numerous reasons why NYC is the best city in the world to live in and still won’t be able to cover up all. So here’s our list of reasons why you should make NYC your home.


1. Land of opportunities

Your dream job or your dream company or maybe the opportunity you are looking for to start your own business, everything is here in NYC.

2. It’s truly a melting pot

NYC is popularly known as the melting pot of America as people from all over the world come to NYC to make their dreams come true and eventually call this city their home.

3. Diversity

new york diversity

NYC has generations of immigrants from all over the world ending up making this city their homes. Almost all the languages known to man are spoken here and there is an essence of every culture from all around the world in NYC.

4. The 24*7 open rule

Time square

The city literally doesn’t sleep. Even the subways operate 24 hours a day so you don’t have to risk drinking and driving in New York City.

5. World class cultural activities

Art, fashion, food, entertainment, sports or any other activity, you name it and you can find the best of all just round the corner in NYC.

6. Innovation and tradition co-exist

There is no place that respects the newest new and the tested and true old traditions, both at the same time like New York. New Yorkers are always up to see which new city innovations will hang around long enough to become traditions.

7. Nightlife rocks

Well, NYC isn’t called the city that never sleeps for no reason. From the vibrant Time Square to the night clubs, bars, cafes and restaurants are open all night.

8. In pop culture


NYC is the most recognizable pop-culture reference point in the world. From the 90’s most popular TV soap “Friends” to Carrie Bradshaw’s “Sex and the City” or the superhero movies like Spider-man, Batman etc. NYC has been home to all.

9. No one is judging you

Everyone in New York City has baggage of his own so no one gives a damn about others. New Yorkers won’t judge you if you are in a bar drinking all alone or sitting at a diner eating by yourself.

10. If You Can Survive Here, You Can Survive Anywhere

After living in NYC for a few years you can basically live anywhere in the world. There will never be a challenge too big, a task you can’t handle or a tough time in life you won’t be able to get through. You’ll be prepared to take head on whatever life has in store for you.

The difference between New York and New York City

New York


New York is the fourth most populous and seventh most densely populated state in North-eastern United States. It is 27th most extensive state of America. The state shares its international borders with the Canadian provinces of Quebec and Ontario to the north and west respectively. It is generally referred as New York state to differentiate it from New York City. The state is a home to almost 200 college and universities, out of which some tops the list of being known as the best educational institutes in the world. Few among them are Colombia University, New York University, Cornell University and Rockefeller University. Statue of Liberty, a symbol of United States is located in the state and is considered as a sign of freedom, opportunity and democracy. New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers and Syracuse are the most populous cities of the state while Albany is its capital. The state has few most visited tourist attractions of the world namely Times Square, Central Park, Niagara Falls and Grand Central Terminal. The state has one of the oldest and most extensive transport structures in the country. There are about 62 cities in the state. The state is the third largest producer of grapes and ranks second in wine producing by volume. The battle of Brooklyn, the largest war of the entire American Revolution was fought in New York. It was the first state to have license plates on cars. Rochester is also known as flower city and is a first home to Marshmallows and bloomers. The state has two forest preserves and many state parks. Adirondack Park is the largest park in the United States and is located in the state of New York. It is larger than the Yellowstone, Everglades, Glacier and Grand Canyon National Parks if combined. New York legalized same – sex marriages on June 24, 2011. The state is the major agricultural producer and the products include cabbage, onion, potatoes, apples and cherries, plum, pear, peach and maple syrup.

New York City

new-york city

New York City is the most populous city of New York state and almost 40% of the state’s population lives in this city. It is a global city and an economic hub. It is most preferable location for American entertainment industry. There are almost 800 languages spoken in the city which makes it the most linguistically diverse city of the world. The city is an important centre of international diplomacy and is the financial capital of the world. New York City has a huge impact on research, technology, education, media, art, culture, commerce and finance. Headquarters of United Nations is located in the city. The city is also known as the most economically powerful city of the world. The city has the largest population of Chinese people outside Asia. The women are allowed to go topless in the city provided the area is not a business area. It is said that every one person from thirty eight persons in United States lives in the New York City. As per the data one baby born in every 4.4 minutes and one person dies in every 9.9 minutes. About 50%of the population of age more than five years speak other language than English. As per the statistics there are almost 27,858 persons living per square mile in the city. Thirty seven percent of the population of the city is foreign born. As per the 2010 census 44% whites, 25.5% black, o.7% Native American and 12.7% Asians constitute the city’s major population. The city is also known for its educational network and has few world class educational institutions and universities such as New York University, Rockefeller University and many more. The New York City is universally recognized for its architectural structures and has been a home to many world’s tallest buildings.  Manhattan’s skyscrapers are famous all over the world. The Statue of Liberty was located in the city and symbolizes the United States and its democracy. Times Square, brides, parks, museums, theatre, the city has many options to cherish its lovers. The city is a home to many corporations, medical research and technology institutes, non-profitable organizations and universities.

Historical Facts About New York City

New York’s history is as fascinating and mysterious as the city itself. Though it is divided in five boroughs Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the Bronx but it is said that each of the boroughs has enough personality and attractions that they could be their own cities. The entire history of this city is full of several defining moments, some mysterious while others not so much. There are so many fascinating facts about New York, from its origin to the mystery behind its nick name “the big apple” or the story behind Lady Liberty. Let’s start with the origins of this city (though it’s not much of a mystery, it still is interesting). The history of New York can be traced back to 10,000 BC when Native Americans first arrived here. Natives were the Lenape, an Algonquin people who mainly depended on hunting, fishing and farming. But it was in the 16th century when Europeans began to explore this region. Giovanni da Verrazzano was the first European to sail up and down the Atlantic coast. There was no settlement here even after the European discovery of New York, the first land claim was in 1609 and the first settlement was in 1624 when Dutch West India Company sent 30 families to live and work on “Nutten Island” which is today known as Governor’s Island. The colony was important for its fur trade and agricultural resources. In 1626 Peter Minuit bought Manhattan Island from the natives. Do you know for how much the Island cost? It was purchased for 60 guilders in trade goods like farm equipment’s, tools, cloth and wampum or shell beads or you could simply say $1000 of present times.  It grew quickly and soon became the largest city in Western Hemisphere.


NYC has played a vital role in the wars and battles America has been a part of. From the glorious war of independence from British rule to the world wars. Did you know that New York served as a British military base until 1783. Yes that’s right, though the city was a center of anti-British activity during the 1760’s and 1770’s it fell to the British in 1776 despite George Washington’s best efforts. The city was strategically important and the British were trying to seize the city from the moment the revolutionary war began. Here’s another fact, did you guys know that New York City served as the nation’s capital from 1785-1790. New York City became the very first capital of the America and it was also the site of George Washington’s inauguration as the first US President in 1789; it remained the nation’s capital until 1790.

Guess what the former cemeteries of NYC are now? This might just surprise you. If you are visiting any one of the New York’s popular park or squares chances are you might be standing on a former cemetery or a potter’s field. Many burial grounds were removed to give way to new developments and urbanization and in several cases the dead bodies were just left behind. Kind of creepy right? Madison Square Park, Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, Bryant Park and Waldorf Astoria etc. are all Manhattan’s forgotten graveyards. Even the site of Wall Street was once used to keep British out and the Canal Street was actually a canal.

We all know that Lady Liberty is New York’s icon. But do you know the fascinating story behind how she came to be? Rumor has it that the Statue of Liberty was a gift from France to honor the United States’ enduring dedication for freedom and democracy and of the alliance held between the two countries during the American Revolution. It was erected in 1886 on Bedloe’s Island which was later renamed Liberty Island in New York Harbor. The statue stood as a welcoming symbol to the 14 million immigrants who came to the United States through New York until 1924.

After this we can rightly call New York the most storied city in the world. It is a hub of culture and commerce, both brutal and beautiful at the same time. It is ethnically diverse but still all-American. One can find the skyscraper from the movie King Kong, headquarters of the United Nations, and the Lady Liberty all of which have numerous stories and mysteries of their own.

Watch this video to know more about New York’s history.

What New Yorkers Love and What They Hate

What New Yorkers Love

1. New Yorkers love wide, open green spaces for bike riding, picnicking, skate boarding, walking the dog, hanging out or just getting a tan in summers. Yes they love parks and also have lots of them, especially NYC’s Central Park.


2. New Yorkers love to complain about how much the public transit system or the weather in New York sucks.

3. New Yorkers curse a lot. They don’t actually mean to be rude but that’s the way New Yorkers are. Take it or leave it.

4. They just love to Instagram every spectacular roof top view or just a roof top view for that matter.

5. New Yorkers love NY pizza which is actually legendary.

Sabatinos pizza

6. New York undoubtedly is the center of all from finance to fashion or entertainment and guess what New Yorkers love being in the center of it all and sometimes brag about it too.

7. Being in the city that never sleeps. Even if you go out at midnight, there is so much light, it looks like its daytime and everything is all open.

What New Yorkers Hate

1. New Yorkers are always bummed about the fact that they could buy a castle with what they pay in rent. The real estate in New York really sucks.

2. They just hate when they are forced to walk slow or stop in the middle of sidewalk.

3. New Yorkers just don’t like to pass through the Times Square.


4. Even though every New Yorker is guilty of this crime they also hate the criminals, I mean cab stealer’s.


5. Huge umbrellas, yes they can really piss off New Yorkers. The thing is they block the sidewalk and New Yorkers hate to be slowed down for any damn reason.

6. It is way to loud in New York which is pretty annoying, isn’t it.

7. New Yorkers hate that the city is so crowded, both with people and cars. When you walk into the city it’s like you walk into a maze.

New York’s Weather Year Around

Planning a trip to the New York City? You might wanna know a few things about the weather here year around to pack your bags with appropriate clothing. Though NYC is not the largest state in the United States but it has a lot of geographical diversity, with mountains, lakes, forests, valleys and oh-not-to-forget its coastal position at the meeting point of Hudson river and the Atlantic ocean. All this gives the city its diverse landscapes and microclimates. The weather here varies from day to day and sometimes even each hour. The spring season brings beautiful budding flowers with light winds and rain and the temperature might vary from cool to very warm in this season. Summers as we know are bright, sunny and hot. Areas near water might experience some cool breeze too. Fall is cool and crisp while winters are cold and snowy.

Here are some of the fun things you can do during the winter season in NYC.

Months from May to October are usually warm and sunny with long days and later sunsets which are followed by cold winters with lesser daylights. Summers can be hot and humid too and the city also experiences occasional tropical storms. As the leaves of trees turn bright red, yellow or orange during the fall temperature also turns cozy and comfortable. Winters in New York have freezing rain and bitter cold winds and occasional snowstorms. According to a website, New York gets 15 times as much snow as the South Pole! So those who love skiing can enjoy the sport on the outside of the city which often experiences mean liberal snow.

New York generally experience humid continental climate while New York City features a humid subtropical climate. The annual average temperature ranges from around 39 °F over the Adirondack Mountains to near 53 °F across Long Island. On the other hand New York City being an urban heated island has temperature ranging between 5-7 degrees Fahrenheit.

Due to these above mentioned variable weather conditions clothing that allows you to layer are most suitable while visiting New York. During the summers lightweight cotton and linens will be most comfortable and heavyweight and warm clothing should be carried during winters.